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Grave Danger is a tower defense with a twist as the player does not place towers but traps to fend of the waves, while the player can also fend off the zombies directly by attacking them together with you dragon companion. There are 24 unique levels to play through ramping up the difficulty by spawning more and more different types of foes. To boost their defenses players can unlock more powerful traps and weapons.  

Game modes[]

Name Description
Easy For beginners that have never played a tower defence before.
Standard For people that already have a little experience with tower defences. More enemies spawn per wave.
Hard For experienced players. The player receives a reduced amount of mana for kills. Even more enemies per wave.
Insane For Dark Souls players. The player receives no mana for kills. A lot of enemies per wave.
Infinity Every level can be played in infinity mode, which never runs out of waves.

The player has the choice between 4 different difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, Insanity. The player loses the game if they die in Insanity-mode while in the other difficulties they respawn at the starting point of the level.

The player can also choose to play certain levels they have unlocked and add an infinity mode.


While the King is celebrating his birthday party the hero and Piper stand guard at the south gate after loosing a round of Rock-Paper-Scissor against their rival Gary.  As Piper is complaining that the lost yet another round against Gary the two spot a horde of zombies attacking the castle. They jump to action and defend the castle holding of the foe so that the citizens can evacuate. The attack on the castle climaxes with the hero and Piper holding their last stand in the throne room.

The player can choose to play with either Maggy or Jonah.


Traps are used to defend against the zombies. You summon the traps by spending Mana. At the start of each level, you get a set amount of Mana, and you gain more by defeating Zombies.

Trap types:

  • Ceiling traps can only be placed on the ceiling.
  • Floor traps can only be placed on the floor.
  • Soldiers can only be placed on the floor but are able to leave their location.
  • Wall traps can only be placed on the wall.
Name Type Effect Image Cost How to unlock
Archer Soldier Attacks enemies in range. Can be attacked and defeated by the Zombies. Trap archer.png 300 Fortify the Archery Range
Arrow Wall Wall Shoots arrows at enemies walking by. Trap arrows.png 400 Finish your first level
Autoballista Ceiling Attacks enemies in range. Trap ballista.png 400 Fortify the Workshop
Barricade Floor Blocks the path so enemies try to walk around it. Trap barricade.png 300 Finish a level without losing any health of the door
Brimstone Floor Deals consecutive damage to enemies standing on top. Trap brimstone.png 750 Fortify the Dungeon
Explosive Dummy Floor Enemies in range attack it. Can explode and deal area of effect damage. Can be triggered by the player as well. Despawns after exploding. Trap decoy.png 250 Have 15 barricades at once
Exploding Barrel Floor Explodes and deals area of effect damage. Despawns after exploding. Trap exploding barrel.png 150 Fortify the Armory
Exploding Barrel Dispenser Floor Dispenses Exploding Barrels. Trap barrel dispenser.png 600 Vanquish 100 foes via explosions
Sending Portal Floor Teleports Zombies back to the start. Trap floor portal.png 1000 Complete the game
Floor Spikes Floor Spikes spring up and damage Zombies walking on top. Trap spikes.png 250 Unlocked from the start
Magic Zapper Ceiling Electrocutes Zombies. Trap zapper.png 500 Fortify the Library
Mana Beacon Floor Collects Mana dropped by Zombies. Trap mana beacon.png 200 Fortify the Treasury
Paladin Soldier Patrols the map and attacks enemies in range. Can be attacked and defeated by the Zombies. Trap paladin.png 250 Fortify the Barracks
Piper Flamer Ceiling Attacks enemies in range and sets them aflame. Trap flamethrower.png 450 Vanquish 100 foes via fire
Push Trap Wall Pushes the Zombies in the direction it is facing. Trap push.png 300 Fortify the Hard Climb
Rotator 9000 Ceiling Pushes the Zombies back in all directions and damages them. Trap haymaker.png 300 Vanquish 1000 foes
Mind Control Spores Floor Spawns spores that take control of nearby Zombies for a short period of time. Trap spore mushrooms.png 350 Fortify the Sewers
Spring Trap Floor Pushes the Zombies in the direction it is facing. Trap spring.png 500 Fortify the Streets
Steam Vent Floor Suspends Zombies into the air. Trap steam vent.png 400 Make 100 foes fly
Swing Mace Ceiling Swings from left to right and pushes  enemies around while dealing damage. Trap swing mace.png 1200 Vanquish 10'000 foes
Tar Pool Floor Slows Zombies walking over it. Trap tar.png 600 Fortify the Gate House


Enemy types:

  • Bosses are stronger and have more health than regular zombies.
  • Floaters ignore floor traps.
  • Ranged zombies use range attacks.
  • Runners are very fast.
  • Standard zombies don’t do anything special.
  • Summoners can summon more zombies.
  • Tanks have high health values.
Name Type Image Health Damage Speed
Acolyte Summoner Enemy acolyte.png 50 10-15 0.2
Crawler Standard Enemy zombie crawler.png 15 3 0.19
Ogre Zombie Tank Enemy zombie ogre.png 160 20 0.175
Skeleton Standard Enemy skeleton common.png 20 3 0.24
Skeleton Archer Ranged Enemy skeleton ranged.png 30 4 0.24
Skeleton Soldier Standard Enemy skeleton melee.png 40 5 0.23
Undead Hound Runner Enemy undead hound.png 8 2 0.37
Zombee Floater Enemy zombee.png 10 2 0.3
Zombie Standard Enemy zombie common.png 20 3 0.22
Zombiecopter Floater Enemy zombie helicopter.png 20 3 0.17
King of the Swamp Boss Enemy swamp king.png 400 10 + poison 0.15
Plush Abomination Boss Enemy plush abomination.png 600 20 0.13
Skeleton King Boss Enemy big skeleton.png 800 10 0.15
Werewolf Boss, Runner Enemy werewolf.png 300 5 0.3
Zombee Queen Boss, Floater, Summoner Enemy zombee queen.png 500 50 0.11


Name Damage Special Image How to unlock
Beehive Club Launches a swarm of bees at enemies. Bee nest club.png Defeat the Zombee Queen.
Ether Warhammer Charge for Ether Shot. Ether hammer.png Starting weapon
Ether Staff Charge for Ether Bolt. Ether staff.png Starting weapon
Froggy Launcher Shoots poison projectiles. Froggy launcher.png Defeat the King of the Swamp.
Skeleton Sword Skeleton sword.png Defeat the Skeleton King.
Yarn Ball Flail Deals area of effect damage Yarn ball flail.png Defeat the plush abomination.
Were-Gauntlet Launches you forward to attack the Zombies. Were gauntlet.png Defeat the Werewolf.


Number/ Name Waves (in standard)
1/ The South Gate 3
2/ The Streets 4
3/ The Crossroads 5
4/ The Gate House 5
5/ The Hallway 5
6/ The Barracks 5
7/ The Overpass 5
8/ The Archery Range 6
9/ The Dining Hall 6
10/ The Armory 6
11/ The Courtyard 7
12/ The Workshop 7
13/ The Storage 7
14/ The Sewers 8
15/ The Prison 8
16/ The Dungeon 8
17/ The Lava Hall 9
18/ The Hard Climb 9
19/ The Tower 9
20/ The Treasury 10
21/ The Bridge 10
22/ The Library 11
23/ The Stairs 11
24/ The Throne Room 12


All music is available on Spotify.


Jonah & Maggy: Jonah and Maggy are members of the Knight Brigade. Jonah is honorable and dutiful while Maggy is dutiful and honorable. Both are shining examples of the Knight Brigade even if they are a little naïve. Jonah’s favorite weapon is the Ether Hammer and Maggy prefers the Ether Staff, but both can wield the other weapon just as well as weapon training is part of the training for the Knight Brigade. In their free time, the two like to play games but do not really care about winning. For Rock-Paper-Scissor they always take rock.

If Jonah and Maggy would plan the perfect day off, it would start with watching the sunrise from The Courtyard. Next up would be training with the Paladins and Archers. To cooldown they would stand guard at The South Gate and finally play many games with Piper and everyone else who wants to join them.

Piper: Piper is a tiny dragon born into a long lineage of dragons that has always served the kingdom. One of the ancestors was the inspiration of one of the traps the Knight Brigade uses for the defense of the castle. Piper is the best friend of Jonah and Maggy and its favorite activities are teasing both, eating cake, and bathing in lava. Unlike Jonah and Maggy the little dragon thought it would be all right to sleep through class in preparation for the Knight Brigade. Piper does not really like stairs and standing guard, especially if there is a party going on where one could get cake.

Piper’s perfect day off would start with a hot lava bath down in the dungeon while being served magma cake by Gary. After that, Piper would play a round of hide and seek in The Storage together with Maggy and Jonah followed by lazing around in The Treasury while pretending that all the gold was its own. The day would end by dancing the night away and even more cake.

King: The King just wants to celebrate the best birthday party ever. He is a middle-aged joyful man with a little weight around is belly. He enjoys being in the company of many people, especially his sister Clarice, the Necromancer. He even ordered her favorite punch so she would enjoy the party as well.

One could think that as King every day would be a day off but that is not true. The King must sit in many meetings which are often long and boring. If the king could just take the day off, he would still spend most of it in The Throne Room because the throne is the most comfortable chair in the whole castle. The King would choose his favorite pair of slippers but would probably change them since he likes every pair he has. In the evening, the King would watch an acrobatic performance together with his sister Clarice.

Necromancer (Clarice): The Necromancer is the sister of the King. She lives in the castle on the other side of the river which she inherited from her

uncle. She is so disappointed in her brother not inviting her, that she starts a zombie invasion.

Necromancy has always been a secret hobby for her since as a princess she always had to be elegant and was lonely because her brother had to learn so much to be prepared to be king. So, she raised a few zombies to play with.

Clarice's perfect day off would start with walking her dog Mr. Snuggles in the morning. After that, she would race the Zombiecopters and Undead Hounds around her castle and then spend the rest of the day together with the King and the Skeleton King drinking fruit punch.

Skeleton King (Uncle Ben): The Skeleton King is the now undead uncle of the Necromancer and the King. He is a party animal and really happy that Clarice is taking him with her to the king’s birthday party. Uncle Ben was the owner of the castle on the other side of the river and gave it to his niece when he died. She was so thankful that she resurrected Uncle Ben to spend more time with him.

If Skeleton King would have the perfect day, it would start with a breakdancing session followed by some Latin and ballroom dancing. To wash off the sweat Uncle Ben would take a bath in the river. For the evening there would be two options and the Skeleton King would decide spontaneously which to take. The first option would be watching a ballet performance while the other would be attending a rock concert.

Gary: Gary is part of the Knight Brigade and Jonah and Maggy’s rival. He often tricks them into doing his job by challenging them to games he will always win. His favorite is Rock-Paper-Scissors since Gary knows that Jonah and Maggy always take rock. Gary is a scaredy-cat and lost the invitation for Clarice because he got scared of her dog, Mr. Snuggles.

Gary’s perfect day off would start with sleeping in. Next would be planning which tasks to give to Jonah and Maggy by beating them in all kinds of games by cheating if he has to. After that, Gary would eat a snack and have hot chocolate followed by a nap. To finish off the day Gary would laze around even more and go to bed early.

Officer: The officer oversees the evacuation. He gives useful advice and reminders to Maggy and Jonah.

The perfect day off for the officer does not exist as he prefers doing his job over anything else. So, the perfect day at work would be a calm day on which everyone does their tasks without whining and there are no events out of the norm.